Feel free to email me with questions about scores, recordings, or performance materials. I self-publish and am happy to send perusal scores for performance consideration.

Some of my scores are posted in full on this site. If you are a performer and decide to play one of these pieces, please let me know!
It's important to me to be involved in the process of preparing a performance; I also enjoy it and find that it produces the best results for performer, composer, and listener.
In addition, the majority of these pieces, especially the more recent ones, are the result of close one-on-one work with the players that first performed them.
The scores are therefore not meant to be complete and exhaustive records of intention. There is always an element missing from the page-- call it 'style' or 'performance practice'--
that can only be supplied through dialogue and interaction. If you're playing one of these pieces, then, please don't hesitate to be in touch as part of that process. 

Thank you!