katachi (2011, rev. 2012)

"katachi"- form; posture of the body.

A hybrid between a book of etudes and a variation set, the piece puts the ensemble through a series of focused contexts ("postures") in which a given restriction produces a specific kind of acoustic fusion within the group.

Part 1: Etude I- II
Part 2: Epigraph- Etude III- Modulation- Etude IV- V- 60 Hz- Etude VI

These contexts include a polyphony of "gestalts," each passed from one instrument to another, like a skein of yarn that continually changes color (I); a chorale with the entire ensemble amplitude-modulated, like a giant vibraphone with the motor on (VI); a glissando, realized either as such, as a scale, or both (in the Auto-tuned violin, who plays a glissando that is heard as a scale) (IV-V); and a single, baroquely ornamented melody, played in unison but played insecurely by all so that only 25-50% of any individual player's notes speak, making the structure of the melody itself flicker from instrument to instrument (III).

Written for the Wet Ink Ensemble

instrumentation: flute (Erin Lesser), tenor saxophone/bass clarinet (Alex Mincek), voice (Kate Soper), violin (Joshua Modney), percussion (Ian Antonio), piano (Eric Wubbels), live electronics (Sam Pluta)

duration: 21'
recording: recorded at EMPAC (Troy, NY). Released on Carrier Records, December 2012.

score-following videos: